1918 Grand Falls Directory (part 2)

Info from 1918 Grand Falls Households (part 1)

Following the directory listings is a rough outline of when some streets in Grand Falls were constructed. This brief list comes from notes that Mr. Howell had jotted down on the back of a 1977 document listing the number of residential and commercial dwellings. These notes were made some time between 1977 and 1980.

Suvla Rd.1919
Polygon Rd.1919-20
Valley Rd.1921
Railway Rd.1925
Haig Rd.1920
Botwood Rd.1919-20
Beaumont Ave. upper (to Elk’s Club) lower1916 1919-20
First Ave.1906-10
Second Ave.1910
Third Ave.1910
Fourth Ave.1910
Circular Rd.1910
East St.1910
West St.1906-10
Gilbert St.1910
Bank Rd.1910
Cabot Rd.1911
Carmelite Rd.1906 Nath Pike 1907 L.R. Cooper
Exploits Ave.1908
Riverview Rd.1910
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