1918 Grand Falls Directory (part 1)

The following is a listing of all households in the town of Grand Falls, Newfoundland, as of 1918. The listings are arranged alphabetically by the first letter of the last name, with the name given being that of the main wage earner. This arrangement is consistent with the original ordering of the document. The listing does not include other immediate or extended family members, boarders, servants, or those residing in hotels or the A.N.D. company staff house.

This directory was originally compiled by Miss Jessie M. Gardner, an accountant with the Anglo Newfoundland Development Company in Grand Falls. The original is currently in the possession of Mr. W. T. Howell

The version contained herein was hand copied from the original due to stipulations imposed by the owner of the document. On March 4th of 1979, Mr. Howell made some additions to the original typewritten document, adding (in pen ink) occupations, as well as other miscellanea, to some of the listings. The first and middle names of some of the occupants were also added to or expanded upon by Mr. Howell. These additions have been italicized to allow the reader to discern the original document’s content. As well, some additions were made by Miss Gardner around the time of the documents creation; these have been placed in square brackets beneath her original entries.

The document was typewritten on legal size paper and was stamp dated (A.N.D. Co. stamp) January 12, 1918.

Following the directory listings is a rough outline of when some streets in Grand Falls were constructed. This brief list comes from notes that Mr. Howell had jotted down on the back of a 1977 document listing the number of residential and commercial dwellings. These notes were made some time between 1977 and 1980.

Note: The abbreviation do (ditto) was used by Miss Garner to note entries that occurred from the same street in sequence. I have elected to follow her lead in the hope that some degree of the original document’s nature might be conveyed to the reader.   Included in the notes was a brief section stating that Mr. John Knight and /or Mr. Thomas Brown built the houses on Monchy Road during the summer of 1920. Mr. W. T. Howell 1902-1995)

Grand Falls-Windsor Heritage Society Inc. files. Transcribed for The Family Tree Group by Maxine Edwards, March 2004

NameOccupation / MiscellaneousAddress
Anthony, MosesGoodyear Stables12 High Street
Arnold, Sidneywood preparing20 Second Ave.
Ash, W.H.town sanitary inspector12 Second Ave.
Arnold, Samuelwood preparing19 Bank Rd.
Aylward, Lawrencewood preparing32 Carmelite Rd.
Andrews, Mrs.widow, husband killed in accident15 First Ave.
Anthony, A. 22 Fourth Ave.
Anstey, E.Exploits Valley Royal Stores6 First Ave.
Aylward, P. 26 Fourth Ave.
Arklie, Douglaschief clerk . Accounting1 River View Rd.
Anstey, Bertfirst Newfoundlander to become a papermaker10 Mill Rd.
Ash, W. J.lumber yard office27 First Ave.
Abbot, Chas. 5 Beaumont Ave.
Austin, Chas.Wood House7 Station Rd. [25 Circular Rd.)
Allen, Geo.electrician31 High St [2 Beaumont Ave.)
[Aylward, Jamesbeater room11 Gilbert St.
Bishop, E.I.photo studio8 High St.
Butt, Jas. F.town sanitary13 Fourth Ave.
Bond, Jas.machinist15 River View Rd.
Bray, Selbymaybe beater room11 Station Rd.
Bartle, F. H. J.foreman tinsmith8 Cabot Rd. [14 Circular)
Balleny, J.H.school headmaster5 King St.
Brain, Wm.paper mill supt.12 Carmelite Rd.
Berteau, E. H.H.M. Customs4 Hill Rd.
Baker, Jamespainter at mill10 Bank Rd.
Brown, Phil 27 do
Brown, Thos.town bldg. supt15 High St.
Bishop, Edward 5 Second Ave.
Bradshaw, Frankmill painter21 do
Barry, James 5 Fourth Ave.
Bishop, George 6 do
Byrne, Mike 31 Circular Rd.
Budgell, George 8 Second Ave.
Bouzan, Wm.paper maker14 Circular Rd.
Blackall, W. W.school teacher3 Cabot Rd.
Bradbury, William 3 Exploits Lane
Brown, Ed 27 Circular Rd.
Brain, Edpapermaker3 Church Rd.
Bouzan, Alfonsopapermaker17 Bank Rd.
Bryan, Williamfoundry5 Third Ave.
Breen, John 12 Exploits Lane
Bradbury, Allanmachinist8 Beaumont Ave.
Bishop, HerbEVRS delivery10 Gilbert St.
Bennett, Arch 2 Exploits Lane
Brown, Wm. 15 Fourth Ave. [left town]
Barnes, AlanRoyal Stores11 Circular Rd.
Blackmore, Hy 11 Gilbert St. [7 Beaumont Ave)
Beresford, Mike( own house )37 Bank Rd.
Ball, Harrydo[7] Circular Rd.
Barrett, Thos.woods watchman19 Fourth Ave.
Barker, John 21 do
Burke, Joseph( own house ) mill labour foreman[33] Station Rd.
Cooper, L. R. 3 Riverview Rd.
Cobb, W. J. 12 Bank Road
Christian, W. J. 11 Church Road
Cornick, Wm. 26 First Ave.
Cantwell, Wm. 27 Carmelite Rd.
Clayson, James 5 West St.
Cooper, Thos. 11 East St.
Canning, Ernest 13 East St.
Cooke, W. J. 16 First Ave.
Carter, Norman 5 Gilbert St.
Crocker, W. J. 29 First Ave.
Chalk, John T. 16 Fourth Ave.
Christopher, John 6 Gilbert St.
Cantwell, Joe 14 East St.
Curtis, Paul 35 Circular Rd.
Cashin, J. C.( own house )[39] Circular Rd.
Cater, J. E.9 Hill Rd.
Conway, Val. 14 King St.
Cater, Jas.( own house )7B Church Rd.
Carbury, Lionel 13 Gilbert St.]
Cooper, Elias 4 First Ave.]
Duder, A. 9 Station Rd.
Dover, W. J. 4 Exploits Ave. [left]
Duggan, A. 1 King St. [13 Mill]
Dawe, J. 4 Bank Rd.
Dwyer, John 14 Mill Rd.
Down, W. R. Sr.shoemaker27 High St.
Dunphy, Thos. 11 Mill Rd.
Downton, Arthur 16 Beaumont Ave.
Davis, Mark 5 Riverview Rd.
Davis J. J. 11 Exploits Lane
Dawe, Samuel 11 Cabot Rd.
Downton, Alf 7 Fourth Ave.
Doucie, John 20 Gilbert St.
Down, W. R.? repair shop56 High St.
Durrant, Frank 10 Beaumont Ave.
Day, Silas 8 Gilbert St.
Day, John C. 19 Circular Rd.
Dean, A. W. ?.Pop? 3 Mill Rd.
Dawe, Isaac( own house )22 Circular Rd.
Deckers, P. C. 10 King St.]
Eastman, John 11 Riverview Rd.
Earle, William 28 Carmelite Rd.
Edwards, P. A. 5 Exploits
Eastman, J. C. 24 Fourth Ave.
Edwards, 1 King St.
Flynn, D. A. 3 Station Rd.
Furlong, M. 8 Riverview Rd.
Fortier, George 5 Carmelite Rd.
Foran, Patk 25 Bank Rd.
Frew, Wm. 7 Circular Rd.
Folkes, Wm. 11 Beaumont Ave.
Frost, David 29 Second Ave.
Fewer, Walter 14 Bank Rd.
Foley, Jos. 30 Carmelite Rd.
Fever, Robt 24 Gilbert St.
Foley, Wm. 33 Circular Rd.
Follett, John 3 Third Ave.
Fever, Edw 7 do
Forsey, John 10 Cabot Rd.
Foley, Patrick 8 Third Ave.
Foley, Leo 3 Second Ave.
Foley, Mike J. 32 Fourth Ave.
Fulton, Geo. 18 Beaumont Ave.
[Judge, Douglas 12 East St.]
Gunn, Frank 9 Bank Rd.
Gay, N. H. 5 Cabot Rd.
George, Llewelyn 23 High St.
Goodyear, Josiah, Sr. 36 do
Gosse, C. 7 First Ave.
Griffin, Thos. 8 do
Goudie, Elias 18 do
Gover, Fred 22 Second Ave.
Graylie, James 8 Circular Rd.
Goudie, James 28 Fourth Ave. [left]
Golding, Garfield 16 Gilbert St.
Ginn, P. 10 East St. NOTE: This entry scratched out by J. Gardner & no explanation given.
Goodyear, Pearce 22 East St.
Gaulton, Ken 13 Third Ave.
Green, E. 18 Gilbert St.
Golding, Thos. 4 East St.
Griffin, P. J.H. M. Customs5A Station Rd.
Goodyear, R. C. 2 Beaumont Ave. [8 Cabot Rd.]
[Gilmour, J. D. 6 Station Rd.]
[Ginn, Peter 19 Second Ave.]
Healey, James 14 Second Ave.
Hillyard, Sam 19 High St.
Harvey, W. T. 37 Circular Rd.
Halfyard, NelsonRoyal Stores13 Beaumont Ave.
Hyde, John 21 High St.
House, J. A.Mgr. Royal Stores9 Circular Rd.
Hann, Isaac 26 Station Rd.
Horton, Chas 12 King St.
Hanson, H. C. 1 Hill Rd.
Haggett, G. R. 6 Bank Rd. NOTE: This entry scratched out by J. Gardner & no explanation given.
Hollett, F. 16 High St.
Hong, Leelaundry58 do
Hicks, Wm 12 First Ave.
Hann, Isaih 1 do
Hickman. G. B.Botwood Railway6 Cabot Rd.
Hatt, Mrs. 1 Third Ave.
Hiscock, W. H. 3 Fourth Ave.
Hann, P. 24 East St. [ left ]
Hawco, John 12 Circular Rd.
Hannaford, Stephen 9 Cabot Rd.
Hayward, C. H.Mgr Woods Candy Store29 Circular Rd.
Hay, Alex 8 King St.
Hynes, Mark 14 Fourth Ave.
Handley, G. 29 Bank Rd.
Hennessey, Jos. 15 do
Hampleton, Phillip 25 Fourth Ave.
[Hefford, Albert 10 East St.
Hann, Jethro 22 Gilbert St.
Herbert, H. M. 15 Beaumont Ave.
Hillier, Moses 24 First Ave.
Hedges, John 20 East St.
Harvey, D. 4 Third Ave.
Hogan, W. R. 10 Exploits Lane [ left ]
Howell, Jas. 12 Third Ave.
Hann, John( own house )Station Rd.
Ivany, Geo. 4 Gilbert St.
Irish, Geo. 6 Second Ave.
Ireland, F. E.Erin House1 Church Rd.
[Ivany, John 25 First Ave.
Jackman, Arthur 4 Church Rd.
Judge, T. F. 16 Carmelite Rd.
Jackman, Aug. 5 East St.
Janes, Wm. 25 Circular Rd. [26 Carmelite Rd.]
Jackman, John 12 Riverview Rd.
John, Louis 7 Gilbert St.
Kelly, James 11 Second Ave.
Kavanagh, Peter 11 Third Ave.
Kelly, Brian 6 King St.
Knight, John 17 High St. [ own house ]
King, John R. 4 Second Ave.
Kennedy, J. 9 Gilbert St.
Kelly, Wm 1 Second Ave.
Kelly, Thos. 21 Bank Rd.
Kelly, John 3 King St.
King, A. C. 10 Third Ave.
Keating, Jamesold Wood House7 Station Rd.
Kehoe, Sylvester 14 Gilbert St.
King, Llewellyn 14 Exploits Lane
King, John 10 Second Ave.
Kelly, Dan( own house )20 Second Ave.
[LeDrew, Benjamin 9 Third Ave.]
Little, W. F. 7 River View Rd.
LeDrew, F. 15 Mill Rd.
LaMee, Mike 9 Mill Rd.
LeDrew, Solomon 5 First Ave.
Lane, Wm S. 2 Second Ave.
Lane, John 18 Bank Rd.
Locke, Willis 12 Cabot Rd.
All those listed herein are now deceased
Ludlow, A. 14 Third Ave.
Lane W. 13 Bank Rd.
Lake, F. W.meat shop mgr.10 Station Rd.
LeMoine, Geo. 13 Circular Rd.
Lamb, W. F. 9 Third Ave. [10 Exploits Lane]
Lockyer, A. G. â.Squidâ. 2 Station Rd.
LeMoine, Ernest 6 Beaumont Ave.
LeDrew, Richard 18 Third Ave.
Lane, Saml. â.Canâ.t Loseâ. 22 Beaumont Ave.
Lush, Thos. 17 First Ave.
Locke, Geo. 3 Third Ave. NOTE: This entry scratched out by J. Gardner â. no explanation given.
Lewis, Patrick 11 Bank Rd.
Lind, H. J.( own house )[11] Station Rd.
[Lewis, Corbett 2 Third Ave.]
Martin, W. Const. 1 Station Rd.
Marsh, Edw.Grand Falls House groundskeeper20 do
Melvin, Pat 13 Cabot Rd.
Morse, Wm.Paper Mill night Supt.1 do
McVane, F. â.Redâ.town plumber12 Mill Rd.
Mullowney, Richard 16 Second Ave.
Manual, Noah 13 Second Ave.
Morrissey, H. A.druggist8 Station Rd.
Matthews, Robt 11 First Ave.
Melvin, A. A. 15 Third Ave.
Mercer, R. 1 Gilbert St.
Martin, A. J.C of E Choir Dir.2 King St.
Mercer, C. 2 Gilbert St.
Moss, John 10 Exploits Ave.
Maher, Dan 16 River View Rd.
Moore, Wm 8 Bank Rd.
Mchugh, John 7 Second Ave.
MacKenzie, John 9 Beaumont Ave.
Mitchell, J.W.Wood House7 Station Rd. [4 Exploits Ave.]
Mercer, Elijah 8 East St.
McDonald, James 3 Beaumont Ave.
Mercer, Austin 10 Fourth Ave.
Moore, William 1 Circular Rd.
[Morgan, Isaac 10 King St. NOTE: This entry scratched out by J. Gardner â. no explanation given.
[Morris, Wm. 15 Fourth Ave.]
Newhook, Robt. 8 Exploits Ave.
Nugent, M. J. 12 Fourth Ave.
Nichols, William 10 First Ave.
Noel, Alan( own House )1 Carmelite Rd.
Noseworthy, J. 31 High St.
Oâ.Keefe, W. 14 River View Rd.
Osmond, Edgar 14 High St.
Oldford, Robt. 17 Second Ave.
Oldford, A. 15 do
Olson, Olaf 3 Carmelite Rd.
Ogilvie, A. G. 6 Mill Rd.
Oldford, Horatio 13 River View Rd.
Oâ.Brien, Lawrence 24 Carmelite Rd.
[Oldford, Thos 24 East St.]
[Oldford, Lemuel 28 Fourth Ave.]
Pinsent, Frank 30 Fourth Ave.
Petrie, W. F.Exploits Hotel13 Exploits Ave.
Pike, Nath.Customs Officer2 Carmelite Rd.
Peaty, Thos. 34 do
Power, Thos. 7 Mill Rd.
Power A. 13 Gilbert St. [6 Bank Rd.]
Power, T. E. 31 Bank Rd.
Pinsent, Stephenfather of Gordon9 Fourth Ave.
Phillip, R. M. B. 3 Exploits Ave.
Peddle, P. 12 Gilbert St.
Pumphrey, J. J. 9 River View Rd.
Parsons, Wm 18 Second Ave.
Palmer, L. 24 Beaumont Ave.
Penney, J. 15 Gilbert St. [left]
Payne, Wm.Royal Stores employee23 Bank Rd.
Penney, John T. 6 Exploits
Pond, Thos. 4 Beaumont Ave.
Power, Stephen 24 Fourth Ave. [left]
Power, Maurice 11 do
[Powell, HedleyWood House4 Station Rd.]
Quinn, Edward 9 Exploits Ave.
Redmond, Frank 17 River View Rd.
Raines, Chas 25 Carmelite Rd.
Ryan, Geo. 1 Coronation St.
Ryan, Thos. 9 First Ave.
Ray, David 21 Circular Rd.
Rendall, BelaBlacksmith at mill23 do [left]
Rideout, Louis 16 Third Ave.
Ralph, Tobias 16 Bank Rd.
Rowsell, E. 12 East St. [left]
Roe, Alex I. 13 Mill Rd. [left]
Roberts, F. G. 9 Second Ave.
Ruth, Walter 7 West St.
Rowsell, Adolph 6 Third Ave.
Rowsell, Sim.( own house )Station Rd.
Reid, Samuel S.dodo
Rowsell, Wm.dodo
Rowsell, Ed.doFourth Ave.
Rowsell, JohndoCircular Rd.
Scott, W. M. D. 6 Station Rd. [15 Carmelite Rd.] [left]
Sheppard, Eldred 2 Riverview Rd.
Southcott, A. Sr. 4 do
Simpson, J. B. 4 Carmelite Rd.
St. James, E. 6 do
Sanders. G. E. 10 do
Scott, Jacob 23 do
Sullivan, Mike 10 River View Rd. NOTE: The street # of this entry was scratched out by J. Gardner and replaced with # 8.
Scott, Wm.mill manager3 Hill Rd.
Smart, Lemuel 7 Bank Rd.
Shannahan, Wm. A. 4 Cabot Rd.
Spurrell, W.Tailor shop2 Mill Rd.
Steele, DavidBotwood Railway18 do
Shallow, Mike 19 do
Stratton, Thos. 2 Bank Rd.
Smith, Wilsonlost a leg in the mill6 East St.
Simmons, Alonzo 20 Beaumont Ave. [left]
Squires, Ken 16 Circular Rd.
Stapleton, J. 35 Bank Rd.
Slocum, Wm 2 Exploits
Stanford, W. M. 4 Mill Rd.
Sheehan, Davidyard locomotive operator6 West St.
371 total dwellings
Snow, Ernest 2 East St.
Stratton, Edgar 31 Second Ave.
Sexton, Chas 25 do
Sparks, JamesBarber5 Mill Rd.
? , J.barber shop4 Mill Rd.
Sullivan, James 1 do
Sanger, Norman 28 Station Rd.
Shaw, Herbert 1 Exploits Lane
Sheppard, E. 21 First Ave. [left]
Skinner, Geo. 26 East St.
Shapleigh, F. M. 12 Beaumont Ave.
Soper, Pleman 25 High St.
Samson, F. G. 16 East St.
Scott, Banks 7 Beaumont Ave. NOTE: The street # of this entry was scratched out by J. Gardner and replaced with # 20.
Shroat, C. M. 17 Mill Rd.
Smith, Caleb 3 Gilbert St.
Small, Ed.( own house )Station Rd.
Spurrell, W. 7 Hill Rd.
Scott, Dr. Walter ]
Sugg. ThosWood House7 Station Rd.
Tilley, George 9 Church Rd.
Taylor, Allan 26 Carmelite Rd.
Thomas, E. 10 Circular Rd.
Taylor, Gilbert 20 First Ave.
Troke, John 20 Fourth Ave.
Thorne, Mathew 21 First Ave.
Thomas, Sam 23 Second Ave.
Tobin, Michael 18 East St.
Temple, James( own house )7c Church Rd.
Taylor, W. M.do11 High St.
Tremblett, Tom 15 Gilbert St.]
Vatcher, Wm. 8 Fourth Ave.
Viscount, F. B. 4 First Ave. [left]
Wingrove, Geo. 7 Exploits Ave.
White, Geo. 4 King St.
Wood, F. H. 14 Carmelite Rd. [left]
Way, Gideon 5 Bank Rd.
Whalen, John 33 do
Wall, Garrett 8 Mill Rd.
Way, A. J. 29 High St.
Wells, Edw. 3 First Ave.
Waugh, E. J. 1 Fourth Ave.
Wall, Nicholas 14 First Ave.
Way, J. 2 First Ave.
Wells, W. 22 First Ave.
Wills, F. W. 8 Exploits Lane
Weeks, Sol. 19 First Ave.
Way, Phil 16 King St.
Way, Elias 17 Fourth Ave.
Wilkinson, Wm. 19 Second Ave. [23 Circular Rd.]
White, Joseph 23 First Ave.
Walsh, Frank 13 do
Wall, F. G. 23 Fourth Ave.
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