1953 Millworkers – Surnames O to S

Note: This is an incomplete list. One page was missing when we received this information.    Transcribed by Marie Cook, 2004

O’Brien, James41231 mo. 29 daysElectrical MaintenanceShift Electrician
O’Keefe, Bernard31119 mo. 13 daysWrapper& Sulphite3rd Hand
O’Keefe, Cyril            2449 mo. 13 daysSteam PlantBoiler Cleaner
O’Reilly, Henry2671 mo. 13 daysElectrical ShopHarland Drive Operator
O’Reilly, James2064 mo. 18 daysWrapper& Sulphite5th Hand
O’Reilly, William66512 mo. 0 daysMixing RoomMixerman
Oldford, Harry51291 mo. 29 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass A Rigger
Oldford, Henry G.46159 mo. 0 daysPattern Maker& CarpentryClass B Carpenter
Oldford, Thomas58345 mo. 0 daysGroundwood2nd Hand
Osmond, Cecil3799 mo. 12 daysOilingCen. Oiler
Osmond, Clarence42325 mo. 4 daysGroundwoodGrinderman
Osmond, Hedley48223 mo. 25 daysGroundwoodRelief Man
Osmond, Howard57401 mo. 25 daysSulphite MillBlow Pit Man
Osmond, John49410 mo. 18 daysMachine RoomBack Tender
Osmond, Nelson2963 mo. 10 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Osmond, Sandy63276 mo. 15 daysYard & RailwayLabourer
Osmond, Solomon54149 mo. 26 daysPattern Maker& CarpentryClass B Carpenter
Paddick, Sidney50401 mo. 27 daysWrapper& Sulphite, # 8Machine Tender
Palmer, Fred33162 mo. 15 daysSulphite MillStock Runner
Pardy, Allan32154 mo. 24 daysPattern Maker& CarpentryClass A Carpenter
Pardy, William66420 mo. 0 daysPattern Maker& CarpentryClass A Carpenter
Parsons, George66455 mo. 15 daysSteam PlantRefuse ? Operator
Parsons, Gilford49409 mo. 17 daysMachine RoomBack Tender
Parsons, John H.57389 mo. 15 daysSteam PlantTour Foreman
Parsons, Malcolm32161 mo. 0 daysWatching, CleaningWatchman
Parsons, Maxwell46326 mo. 19 daysMachine Room3rd Hand
Parsons, Rex3491 mo. 2 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Parsons, Walter50436 mo. 11 daysMachine RoomRewinder Operator
Parsons,William43329 mo. 3 daysMachine Room4th Hand
Peddle, Augustus61396 mo.23 daysCleaningCleaner
Peddle, Bramwell31143 mo. 15 daysOrders & ShippingCutter Operator
Peddle, Cecil29122 mo. 16 daysOrders & ShippingLabourer
Peddle, David63414 mo. 0 days?Forebay & Oiling
Peddle, Frank32138 mo. 10 daysTownClass B Plumber
Peddle, John46238 mo. 23 daysRailway SectionForeman
Peddle, John H.38181 mo. 22 daysWood Prep.Knife Grinder
Penny, Freeman53445 mo. 20 daysMachine RoomMachine Tender
Penny, William D.58396 mo. 0 daysElectrical ShopGenerating Room Oper.
Penny, William, Jr.2564 mo. 9 daysOrders & ShippingLabourer
Perry, Chas.64429 mo. 0daysWood Prep.Wood Pile Foreman
Philips, Joseph57401 mo. 0 daysMachine ShopClass A Blacksmith
Pickford, Claude2221 mo. 2 daysOilingCen. Oiler
Pickford, John5699 mo. 11 daysWood Prep.Chip Loft
Pike, Alex53405 mo. 26 daysMachine RoomRewinder Helper
Pinsent, Albert2795 mo. 23 daysMachine RoomRelief 5th Hand
Pinsent, Frank2462 mo. 27 daysWood Handling MillwrightClass A Helper
Pinsent, Harry31149 mo. 23 daysElectrical Mainten.Shift Electrician
Pinsent, Leonard64242 mo. 0 daysNot Placed
Pinsent, Maxwell35115 mo. 9 daysWood Prep.Crane Operator
Pinsent, Michael48328 mo. 0 daysGroundwoodGrinderman
Pinsent, Ronald2794 mo. 10 daysControlPaper Tester
Pitcher, Chas.3469 mo. 7 daysPaper Mill MillwrightClass B Millwright
Pitcher, John53406 mo. 3 daysMachine RoomMachine Tender
Pitcher, Thomas3248 mo. 47 daysWood Handling MillwrightClass A Helper
Pitcher, Walter2356 mo. 25 daysControlStock Tester
Pomeroy, Arthur40295 mo. 24 daysSulphite MillCook
Pomeroy, Bertram52378 mo. 20 daysYard & RailwayLabourer
Pond, Edward53347 mo. 15 daysGroundwood MillwrightClass A Millwright
Pond, Harold28122 mo. 5 daysWood Prep.Wood Pile
Poole, Fred33149 mo. 28 daysGroundwoodRelief Screen Man
Poole, Reginald32123 mo. 22 daysOrders & ShippingFinisherâ.s Helper
Pounds, (?) Edward65186 mo. 0 daysWood Prep.Cleaner
Powell, Harry33182 mo. 13 daysMachine ShopClass B. Machanic
Powell, Lester35222 mo. 18 daysMachine Room4th Hand
Power, Alphonsus64501 mo.9 daysGroundwoodScreen Room Foremen
Power, Alphonsus, Jr.29127 mo. 0 daysSulphite MillHydro Pulper
Power, Andrew46352 mo. 23 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass B. Millwright
Power, Augustus43246 mo. 27 daysWelding ShopClass A Welder
Power, Cecil I. Sr.50360 mo. 4 daysMachine RoomBack Tender
Power, Cecil L. 19 mo. 20 daysMachine Room6th Hand
Power, Clifton3567 mo. 8 daysYard & RailwayRelief Fireman
Power, James, Jr.29113 mo. 21 daysGroundwood MillwrightClass A Helper
Power, Jerome2573 mo. 18 daysOrders & ShippingHelper
Power, John E.39154 mo. 23 daysPattern Maker& CarpentryClass A Carpenter
Power, Maurice40206 mo. 15 daysPaper Mill MillwrightClass A Millwright
Power, Patrick W.41234 mo. 25 daysSulphite MillAcid Maker
Power, Ray41278 mo. 9 daysWelding ShopClass A Welder
Power, Thomas54339 mo. 24 daysSteam PlantK. ? Operator
Power, Thomas H.`37186 mo. 10 daysSteam Plant MillwrightClass B. Millwright
Power, Walter36150 mo. 18 daysOrders & ShippingPileman
Power, Walter, Jr.2549 mo. 17 daysSulphite Mill2nd Helper
Power, Walter, Jr.2549 mo. 17 daysSulphite Mill2nd Helper
Power, William42273 mo. 25 daysOrders & ShippingInspector
Pretty, Hayward3016 mo. 8 daysMachine Room6th Hand
Pretty, Heman54429 mo. 27 daysMachine RoomBack Tender
Pretty, James52419 mo. 14 daysMachine RoomBack Tender
Pretty, Robert55367 mo. 0 daysWood Prep.Wood Room Foreman
Pride, Eric47255 mo. 24 daysWatching, CleaningWatchman
Pynn, Stephen42241 mo. 21 daysSulphite MillLimestone Man
Quigley, Claude27107 mo. 9 daysGroundwoodRelief Screen Man
Quigley, John51406 mo. 6 daysMachine RoomMachine Tender
Raines, Edward51405 mo. 6 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsLeading Hand Millwright
Randell, Thomas30115 mo. 1 dayOrders & ShippingFinisherâ.s Helper
Reader, Ross65422 mo. 25 daysOrders & ShippingL. Sales Foreman
Reid, Arthur48282 mo. 0 daysWood Prep.Wood Bins
Reid, Francis?21 mo. 3 daysMachine Room6th Hand
Reid, James54368 mo. 6 daysOilingCen. Oiler
Reid, Phillip39188 mo. 14 daysMachine ShopRoll Grinder Opr.
Rendell, Cecil2784 mo. 0 daysRailway SectionSectionman
Rendell, Donald33169 mo. 7 daysMachine Room4th Hand
Rendell, Leonard27101 mo. 27 daysMachine RoomRelief 5th Hand
Rendell, Mac?30 mo. 3 daysMachine Room6th Hand
Rendell, Raymond29129 mo. 15 daysPaper Mill MillwrightClass A Millwright
Rendell, Richard2343 mo, 1 dayMachine Room6th Hand
Rendell, Stanley62408 mo. 0 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Rideout, Hardy54332 mo. 17 daysMachine RoomBack Tender
Rideout, Louis64475 mo. 15 daysMixing RoomForeman
Roberts, David2122 mo. 16 daysMachine RoomBroke Hustler
Roberts, Joseph64294 mo. 27 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Roberts, Michael59392 mo. 0 daysYard & RailwayOil Handling
Roberts, Ronald30149 mo. 0 daysTin ShopClass A Tinsmith
Roberts, Stephen48237 mo. 0 daysGroundwoodGrinderman
Roberts, Thomas63385 mo. 7 daysOrders & ShippingRewind Operator
Rose, Leo48332 mo. 21 daysMachine RoomBack Tender
Rowe, Arthur43320 mo. 8 daysMachine Room4th Hand
Rowsell, Albert64439 mo. 6 daysOilingP. Mill Oiler
Rowsell, Cecil36100 mo. 12 daysYard & RailwayLabourer
Rowsell, Chesley39201 mo. 29 daysYard & RailwayFireman
Rowsell, Ralph32147 mo. 19 daysOrders & ShippingCutter Helper
Rowsell, Ray28107 mo. 21 daysYard & RailwayLabourer
Rowsell, Raymond2115 mo. 7 daysControlStock Tester
Rowsell, William34120 mo. 15 daysOrders & ShippingFinisher’s Helper
Russell, Martin52344 mo. 0 daysSteam PlantK. ? Operator
Ryan, Chas.44139 mo. 25 daysRailway SectionSectionman
Ryan, Patrick34173 mo. 4 daysOrders & ShippingCore Helper
Ryan, Thomas V.58298 mo. 23 daysPaper Mill MillwrightClass A Millwright
Sampson, Edward37137 mo. 3 daysYard & RailwayLabourer
Sampson, Fred64495 mo. 2 daysNot Placed
Sampson, John31165 mo. 13 daysOilingP. Mill Oiler
Sanger, Alexander37182 mo. 13 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass A Helper
Sanger, Andrew33189 mo.7 daysSteam PlantElect. ?, Operator
Sanger, Roy2039 mo. 15 days Issue Clerk
Saunders, Andrew32127 mo. 27 daysOrders & ShippingFinisher’s Helper
Saunders, H. G.60354 mo. 0 daysYard & RailwayCrane Operator
Scott, Edward J.39311 mo. 6 daysMachine ShopClass A Machinist
Scott, George37220 mo. 28 daysMachine Room4th Hand
Scott, Jack32183 mo. 15 daysElectrical Mainten.Shift Electrician
Scott, Leslie52344 mo. 28 daysMachine RoomRewinder Operator
Scott, Victor48358 mo. 14 daysMachine Room3rd Hand
Scott, Walter30146 mo. 21 daysElectrical Mainten.Shift Electrician
Shallow, Charles32156 mo. 0 daysElectrical ShopRelief &Turbo & Gen. Rm Op
Shallow, Frank29137 mo. 24 daysOilingP. Mill Oiler
Shallow, Harry40265 mo. 13 daysPipe ShopClass A Pipefitter
Shallow, William47367 mo. 21 daysMachine RoomBack Tender
Shapleigh, Frank42299 mo. 17 daysPipe ShopClass A Pipefitter
Shea, John29215 mo. 2 daysClothingClothing Man
Sheppard, Allan44311 mo. 0 daysMachine ShopClass A Machinist
Sheppard, Arthur30135 mo. 17 daysElectrical Mainten.Class B.Electrician
Sheppard, Fred55400 mo. 6 daysMachine ShopTool Room Attendant
Sheppard, Noah53328 mo. 15 daysWood Prep.2nd Hand
Silk, Thomas57403 mo. 12 days Coal Weigher
Skinner, George65404 mo. 20 daysMixing RoomForeman
Skinner, Jesse35178 mo. 2 daysMachine ShopClass A Machinist
Skinner, Seymour31145 mo. 29 daysMachine Room5th Hand
Smart, Edward51265 mo. 4 daysYard & RailwayLabourer
Smith, Beaton40245 mo. 25 daysOrders & ShippingChecker
Smith, Cyril37177 mo. 14 daysOrders & ShippingTransfer Man
Smith, Frank44133 mo. 10 daysYard & RailwayConductor
Smith, Ronald29142 mo. 17 daysControlQuality Tester
Snow, Adolphus53322 mo. 0 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass A Rigger
Snow, Alfred20122 mo. 2 daysOrders & ShippingLabourer
Snow, Fred27107 mo. 11 daysMechanical LabourersLabourer
Snow, Henry28112 mo. 19 daysOrders & ShippingCutter Helper
Snow, Herbert33156 mo. 3 daysMachine Room5th Hand
Soper, Albert C.43323 mo. 20 daysPipe ShopClass A Pipefitter
Squires, Alex33122 mo. 0 daysMachine Room5th Hand
Stagg, Arthur29103 mo. 0 daysOrders & ShippingRelief Man
Stagg, Thomas59194 mo. 21 daysNot Placed
Stagg, William5094 mo. 22 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Stapleton, Joseph48413 mo. 25 daysMachine Room3rd Hand
Stein, Cecil44334 mo. 8 daysMachine RoomBack Tender
Stuckless, Samuel51141 mo. 21 daysYard & RailwayLabourer
Stuckless, Theo65412 mo. 6 daysOilingP. Mill Oiler
Sullivan William48365 mo. 23 daysMachine RoomBack Tender
Sullivan, Peter, Jr.30138 mo. 0 daysOilingCen. Oiler
Sullivan, Peter, Sr.59371 mo. 0 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsLeading Hand Rigger
Sullivan, Ronald31160 mo. 9 daysMachine Room5th Hand
Sutton, Arch39210 mo. 15 daysMachine Room5th Hand
Sutton, Thomas62451 mo. 6 daysSalvageSalvage Man
Sweeney, John45231 mo. 26 daysSteam PlantPumpman
Sweeney, Patrick53306 mo. 0 daysOrders & ShippingInspector
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