1953 Millworkers – Surnames A to D

Note: This is an incomplete list. One page was missing when we received this information.
Transcribed by Marie Cook, 2004

Abbott, Walter46242 mo. 0 daysWood Prep.Chipper Man
Aiken, James53186 mo. 0 daysMachine ShopClass A Machinist
Alyward, Bernard46341 mo. 15 daysMachine Room3rd Hand
Alyward, James55280 mo. 23 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass A Rigger
Alyward, Lawrence40246 mo. 0 daysElectrical ShopMotorman
Alyward, Nicholas43359 mo. 15 daysMachine Room3rd Hand
Alyward, Patrick36199 mo. 12 daysCleaningRelief Watchman
Alyward, Peter52441mo. 0 daysMachine ShopClass A Machinist
Alyward, Ronald2594 mo. 17 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Alyward, Thomas47182 mo. 28 daysGroundwoodRelief Man
Andrews, Bertram50382 mo. 0 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsLeading Hand Painter
Andrews, Gerald26113 mo. 0 daysMachine Room5th Hand
Andrews, Harvey52439 mo. 0 daysWood Prep.2nd Hand
Andrews, Mark56339 mo. 0 daysMachine Room3rd Hand
Angel, Ernest2473 mo. 16 daysMachine Room6th Hand
Angel, Walter48353 mo. 0 daysOrders & ShippingFinisher
Anstey, Bertram34181 mo. 13 daysMachine Room4th Hand
Ansty, Cyril37254 mo. 15 daysMachine Room4th Hand
Arnold, Douglas43275 mo. 16 daysWood Prep.W. Pile Foreman
Arnold, Lloyd35190 mo. 0 daysSteam PlantK. ? Operator
Bailey, John51249 mo. 18 daysWood Prep.Chipper Helper
Bailey, Stephen48201 mo. 19 daysWood Prep.Chipper Feed
Baird, Andrew, Sr.56351 mo. 25 daysElectrical ShopMotorman
Baird, Harry28121 mo. 12 daysElectrical ShopMotorman
Baird, John D.2478 mo. 6 daysControlPaper Tester
Baird, Noble52353 mo. 7 daysMachine RoomBack Tender
Baker. Francis29114 mo. 20 daysMixing RoomRelief Colorman
Ball, Howard4197 mo. 13 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Ballard, Aloysius45352 mo. 15 daysSteam PlantRelief Tour Foreman
Ballard, Pat47322 mo. 0 daysYard & RailwayLocomotive Engineer
Bargery, Eric47351 mo. 26 daysOrders & ShippingCrane Operator
Barker, Alphonsus2130 mo. 1 dayMachine RoomRelief 5th Hand
Barker, Andrew45199 mo. 14 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass B Rigger
Barker, Edward T.43149 mo. 5 daysWood Prep.Wood Room
Barker, Harold3793 mo. 19 daysYard & RailwayRelief Fireman
Barker, John2659 mo. 22 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Barker, Michael61221 mo.4 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass B Rigger
Barker, William33115 mo. 8 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Barnes, Arthur, Sr.61397 mo. 0 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Barron, Thomas48201 mo. 1 dayMachine ShopShop Cleaner
Barrow, John35199 mo. 18 daysMachine ShopClass A Machinist
Barrow, Louis65443 mo. 0 daysWood Handling Millwright2nd Hand
Barrow, Silas29119 mo. 0 daysYard & RailwayTruck Driver
Barry, Bartholmew43205 mo. 5 daysOilingP. Mill Oiler
Barry, John55329 mo. 2 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass A Rigger
Barry, Nicholas5367 mo. 18 daysRiverSub- Foreman
Barry, Philip43253 mo. 15 daysMixing RoomBeaterman
Bartle, Bernard39280 mo. 5 daysTin Shop2nd Hand
Bartle, Leonard47374 mo. 14 daysPattern Maker& CarpentryClass A Pattern Maker
Bartlett, Alfred42168 mo. 5 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass B. Millwright
Bartlett, Joseph34184 mo. 16 daysSulphite Mill2ndHelper
Batstone, Jonathon53135 mo. 5 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass B. Millwright
Benson, Allan2579 mo. 2 daysOrders & ShippingLabourer
Benson, Nehemiah61367 mo. 0 daysOrders & ShippingFinisher
Beresford, Brendan42229 mo. 6 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass B. Millwright
Beresford, Philip43274 mo. 23 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsLeading Hand Millwright
Beson, John63257 mo, 15 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Beson, Lambert38153 mo. 29 daysPaper Mill MillwrightClass B Millwright
Beson, Leo54394 mo. 15 daysGroundwoodRelief Man
Best, Michael54244 mo. 0 daysOrders & ShippingRewind Helper
Bishop, Clarence31148 mo. 25 daysMachine ShopClass A Machinist
Bishop, Edgar38180 mo. 13 daysSulphite Mill2nd Helper
Bishop, John36118 mo. 23 daysWelding ShopClass B. Welder
Blackmore, Dan2771 mo. 27 daysYard & RailwayBrakeman
Blackmore, Leo50417 mo. 12 daysMachine RoomMachine Tender
Boone, Fred W.2867 mo. 4 days Issue Clerk
Boone, Malcolm33152 mo. 3 daysOrders & ShippingCrane Operator
Boone, William61363 mo. 5 daysSulphite MillAcid Maker
Bounds (?), Edward65186 mo. 0 daysWood Prep.Cleaner
Bourdon, Allan49288 mo. 25 daysOrders & ShippingPileman
Bourdon, Donald2369 mo. 5 daysOrders & ShippingPileman
Bourne, Allan54366 mo. 17 daysOilingP. Mill Oiler
Bouzan, Ferdinand34180 mo. 5 daysMachine Room4th Hand
Bouzan, Gerald37223 mo. 25 daysMachine Room4th Hand
Bouzan, John2481 mo. 15 daysSulphite MillBlow Pit Man
Bouzan, William64512 mo. 20 daysMachine RoomMachine Tender
Bouzane, James2121 mo. 13 daysMachine Room6th Hand
Bowers, Arch40209 mo. 6 daysOrders & ShippingTrucker
Bowers, Cecil49115 mo. 3 daysWood Prep.Wood Pile
Bowers, George2690 mo. 7 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Boyle, Albert30148 mo. 19 daysMachine ShopClass A Machinist
Bradbury, Harry2475 mo. 15 daysSulphite MillBlow Pit Helper
Bradbury, William60487 mo. 11 daysMachine RoomRelief Boss Machine Tender
Bradshaw, Albert42182 mo. 27 daysMachine Room5th Hand
Bragg, Edgar54359 mo. 15 daysSteam PlantHeat & Vent.
Bragg, Edgar, Jr.2027 mo. 26 daysWrapper& Sulphite5th Hand
Bragg, James53387 mo. 4 daysGroundwoodDecker Man
Brain, Edward, Jr.36221 mo. 23 daysMachine Room4th Hand
Bray, Donald38213 mo. 16 daysOrders & ShippingFinisher
Bray, Llewlyn36210 mo. 21 daysOrders & ShippingFinisher
Braye, Walter63412 mo. 0 daysWatching, CleaningWatchman
Breen, John, Jr.2571 mo. 6 daysPipe ShopClass A Helper
Broaders, Patrick50159 mo. 18 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Brophy, Dermot2130 mo. 9 daysWrapper& Sulphite5th Hand
Brophy, Leo47316 mo. 14 daysWatching, CleaningWatchman
Brown, Daniel3892 mo. 28 daysPaper Mill MillwrightClass B. Millwright
Brown, Fred39206 mo. 0 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass A. Millwright
Brown, H. J.52416 mo. 0 daysPaper Mill Millwright2nd Hand
Brown, Michael2853 mo. 15 days Issue Clerk
Brown, Otto2752 mo. 18 daysSulphite MillRelief Man
Brown, Thomas63416 mo. 0 daysOrders & ShippingCutterman
Brown, William30148 mo. 18 daysSulphite MillwrightClass A Millwright
Browne, Gerald42310 mo. 0 daysMixing RoomForeman
Budgell, K. E. (??)38236 mo. 20 daysWatching, CleaningWatchman
Budgell, Clarence34186 mo. 18 daysOilingP. Mill Oiler
Budgell, Eric38254 mo. 0 daysMachine Room4th Hand
Budgell, Ford31140 mo. 0 daysMachine RoomRewinder Helper
Budgell, Hayward56404 mo. 0 daysSulphite MillForeman
Budgell, Isaac42273 mo. 0 daysWood Prep.Wood Pile Foreman
Budgell, Peter58358 mo. 13 daysWatching, CleaningWatchman
Burden, Harold48161 mo. 20 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass B. Millwright
Burke, Cyril28135 mo. 26 daysGroundwood MillwrightClass B Millwright
Burke, Thomas2580 mo. 11 daysSteam PlantBoiler Cleaner
Bursey, Stanley58302 mo. 7 daysSulphite MillBeaterman
Burt, Kenneth51208 mo. 0 daysWood Handling MillwrightClass A Millwright
Butler, Fred29148 mo. 12 daysPaper Mill MillwrightClass A Millwright
Byrd, Arthur30148 mo. 19 daysMachine ShopClass A Machinist
Byrd, John32159 mo. 20 daqysMachine Room5th Hand
Byrne Gerald48412 mo. 0 daysSteam Plant MillwrightWorking Foreman
Byrne, James40278 mo. 15 daysSteam Plant MillwrightClass A Millwright
Byrne, John38274 mo. 20 daysInspectionPaper Inspector
Canning, Alex36219 mo. 12 daysMachine Room4th Hand
Canning, Arthur28114 mo. 3 daysMachine RoomRelief 5th Hand
Canning, Augustus48363 mo. 19 daysMachine Room3rd Hand
Canning, Roy2469 mo. 17 daysWrapper& Sulphite4th Hand
Cantwell, Jas, B.48399 mo. 26 daysMachine RoomBack Tender
Caravan, Augustus3877 mo. 7 daysSulphite MillBurner Man
Caravan, James2966 mo. 28 daysSulphite MillRelief Helper
Caravan, Stephen, Jr.2593 mo. 21 daysOrders & ShippingPileman
Caravan, William28107 mo. 1 dayMechanical LabourersLabourer
Carey, Andrew49285 mo. 13 daysWelding ShopClass A Welder
Carey, Robert42248 mo. 4 daysWelding ShopClass A Welder
Carey, Robert J.2580 mo. 18 daysOrders & ShippingFinisherâ.s Helper
Carter, Neman61503 mo. 0 daysMachine RoomMachine Tender
Cashin, James49347 mo. 14 daysMachine ShopClass A Machinist
Cashin, Peter32156 mo. 4 daysPipe ShopClass B. Pipefitter
Cater, Albert E.48401 mo. 12 daysMachine RoomBack Tender
Cater, Arthur31136 mo. 10 daysMachine RoomRewinder Helper
Cater, Cyril2235 mo. 26 daysMachine RoomRelief 5th Hand
Cater, George B.61439 mo. 21 daysMachine RoomMachine Tender
Cave, Arthur2999 mo. 5 daysYard & RailwayLabourer
Cave, Walter64398 mo. 21 daysPattern Maker& CarpentryClass B Carpenter
Champion, Lemuel3669 mo. 3 daysRailway SectionSectionman
Chaulk, John62488 mo. 20 daysWood Prep.Wood Room Foreman
Chaulk, John, Jr.2863 mo. 27 daysOrders & ShippingLabourer
Chaulk, Ronald33145 mo. 15 daysWood Prep.Chipper Helper
Christian, Edwin52400 mo. 0 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass A. Millwright
Clatney, John41302 mo. 16 daysMachine RoomRewinder Helper
Cluney, Roland37135 mo. 8 daysYard & RailwaySub-Foreman
Coffin, Alex49316 mo. 2 daysElectrical ShopHarland Drive Operator
Cole, Albert36161 mo. 19 daysOrders & ShippingCore Helper
Cole, Isaiah38138 mo. 29 daysYard & RailwayLabourer
Cole, Richard64412 mo. 0 daysOrders & ShippingFinisher
Collins, Patrick49339 mo. 15 daysGroundwoodGrinderman
Collins, William J.42319 mo. 0 daysMachine Shop2nd Hand
Connors, Albert35120 mo. 14 daysElectrical Mainten.Class A Electrician
Connors, Cornelious33140 mo. 18 daysYard & RailwayLabourer
Connors, Michael42?Mechanical LabourersLabourer
Constable, James C.49380 mo. 0 daysElectrical ShopGen. Room Op.
Conway, Henry33185 mo. 11 daysPipe ShopClass A Pipefitter
Cook, Gerald33167 mo. 0 daysOrders & ShippingFinisher
Cook, William J.37161 mo. 8 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Cooper, Allan28111 mo. 25daysWood Prep.Wood Pile
Cooper, Edward2688 mo. 20 daysYard & RailwayRelief Tractor Operator
Cooper, Fred35146 mo. 10 daysOrders & ShippingFinisherâ.s Helper
Cooper, Samuel33151 mo. 4 daysCleaningCleaner
Corbin, John T.61416 mo. 2 daysMixing RoomBeaterman
Corbin, Michael56435 mo. 14 daysMachine RoomMachine Tender
Corbin, William3079 mo. 20 daysOrders & ShippingFinisherâ.s Helper
Cornick, Chesley53413 mo. 8 daysMachine RoomMachine Tender
Courtney, Chas.47185 mo. 4 daysOrders & ShippingLoader
Cramm, William41??OilingCen. Oiler
Crann, Gordon48190 mo. 14 daysYard & RailwayLabourer
Critch, Francis2573 mo. 20 daysSulphite MillBurner Man
Critchley, Walter2225 mo. 5 daysOilingCen. Oiler
Crocker, Donald30144 mo. 13 daysOrders & ShippingInspector
Crocker, William60465 mo.23 daysMachine RoomMachine Tender
Croke, Michael32126 mo. 24 daysMachine ShopClass A. Helper
Cross, Fred53365 mo. 0 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Cross, William56402 mo. 0 daysGroundwoodUtility Man
Curtis, Andrew30100 mo. 29 daysYard & RailwayLabourer
Curtis, Gordon41238 mo. 13 daysCleaningRelief Watch&Cleaner
Davis, Bernard32149 mo. 9 daysMachine Room5th Hand
Davis, Charles J.2450 mo. 18 daysClothingClothing Man
Davis, Gordon2474 mo. 12 daysMachine Room6th Hand
Davis, Harold36367 mo. 14 daysWelding ShopClass B. Welder
Davis, Harry36188 mo. 0 daysSulphite Mill1st Helper
Davis, John64487 mo. 23 daysSteam PlantTour Foreman
Dawe, Clarence40204 mo. 17 daysSulphite Mill1st Helper
Dawe, Edward3473 mo. 14 daysElectrical Mainten.Shift Electrician
Dawe, Elijah65361 mo. 15 daysSulphite MillBeaterman
Dawe, Harold44318 mo. 4 daysMachine Room3rd Hand
Dawe, Malcolm W.36166 mo. 11 daysRailway SectionSectionman
Dawe, Sam3669 mo. 1 dayGroundwoodFeeder
Dawe, Walter34169 mo. 8 daysOrders & ShippingCore Maker
Day, Alfred2017 mo. 12 daysMachine Room6th Hand
Day, Charles58416 mo. 25 daysElectrical ShopMotorman
Day, Cyril33164 mo. 17 daysMechanical LabourersLabourer
Day, Harvey, S.2681 mo. 6 daysOrders & ShippingLabourer
Day, Henry57441 mo. 0 daysSulphite MillForeman
Day, James31154 mo. 13 daysWood Handling MillwrightClass B Millwright
Day, Raymond34151 mo. 8 daysOrders & ShippingLoader
Day, Robert27111 mo. 19 daysOrders & ShippingSlingMan
Delaney, Ernest47350 mo. 15 daysMachine Room3rd Hand
Delaney, Frank2888 mo. 5 daysControl# 8 Tester
Delaney, John43310 mo. 10 daysMachine Room4th Hand
Dinn ? Peter61498 mo. 6 daysOilingCen. Oiler
Dormody, Michael51288 mo. O daysGroundwoodGrinderman
Dove, Fred64205 mo. 2 daysOrders & ShippingCore Saw
Dove, Gerald40161 mo. 0 daysWood Prep.Crane Operator
Dove, Raymond28106 mo. 25 daysOrders & ShippingFinisherâ.s Helper
Down, Cyril51370 mo. 16 daysMachine RoomMachine Tender
Down, Cyril, Jr.2130 mo. 4 daysMachine RoomRelief 5th Hand
Down, William56409 mo. 9 daysMachine RoomMachine Tender
Downton, Dorman47329 mo. 9 daysOrders & ShippingFinisher
Downton, Douglas32181 mo. 15 daysMachine Room5th Hand
Downton, George41238 mo. 22 daysOrders & ShippingFinisher
Downton, Gilbert49384 mo. 15 daysWood Prep.Wood Pile
Downton, Hedley3582 mo. 13 daysWelding ShopClass A Welder
Downton, Oliver37161 mo. 4 daysWood Prep.Wood Room
Downton, Oliver42217 mo. 3 daysMachine Room5th Hand
Driscoll, James53161 mo. 13 daysSulphite MillLimestoneman
Ducey, John65461 mo. 23 daysMixing RoomBeaterman
Duder, Ernest2018 mo. 3 daysOilingCen. Oiler
Dunn, John59474 mo.0 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass A. Millwright
Dunn, Raymond33162 mo. 12 daysPipe ShopClass B. Pipefitter
Dunn, Walter58473 mo. 10 daysGroundwoodUtility Man
Dwyer, Allan35117 mo. 16 daysMachine Room4th Hand
Dwyer, Clarence62409 mo. 0 daysGroundwood2nd Hand
Dwyer, Eric34158 mo. 0 daysMachine RoomRewinder Helper
Dwyer, John46333 mo. 2 daysMachine Room3rd Hand
Dwyer, Raymond2576 mo. 5 daysYard & RailwayLabourer
Dwyer, Stanley41287 mo. 26 daysMachine Room4th Hand
Dwyer, Walter3490 mo. 8 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Dyke, Frank40104 mo. 7 daysGroundwoodRelief Screen Man
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