1953 Millworkers – Surnames T to Z

Grand Falls-Windsor, NL
Note: This is an incomplete list. One page was missing when we received this information.  Transcribed by Marie Cook, 2004  

Taylor, Alonzo40296 mo. 22 daysYard & RailwayGeneral Foreman
Taylor, Arch65433 mo. 3 daysElectrical Mainten.Class A Electrician
Taylor, Aubrey34153 mo. 3 daysOrders & ShippingChecker
Taylor, Dudley2970 mo. 13 daysControlPaper Tester
Taylor, Hugh36166 mo. 9 daysSulphite MillwrightClass A Millwright
Thomas, Baxter32102 mo. 15 daysOrders & ShippingCutter Helper
Thomas, Cyril26101 mo. 12 daysWrapper& Sulphite3rd Hand
Thomas, Ernest64487 mo. 15 daysSulphite MillForeman
Thomas, H. Geo.64400 mo. 6 daysOrders & ShippingLabourer
Thomas, Harold34180 mo. 0 daysSulphite MillStock Runner
Thomas, Raymond29141 mo. 0 daysMachine ShopRoll Grinder Opr.
Thomas, Sterling40224 mo. 18 daysOrders & ShippingCore Distributer
Thomas, Willis52420 mo. 0 daysOrders & ShippingInspector
Thompson, Arthur5589 mo. 20 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Thorne, Edward32184 mo. 16 daysMachine Room5th Hand
Thorne, Joseph61322 mo. 25 daysClothingClothing Man
Thorne, Matt27117 mo. 0 daysMachine Room5th Hand
Thorne, Maxwell34196 mo. 21 daysMachine Room4th Hand
Thorne, Pleman29146 mo. 24 daysSteam PlantBoiler Cleaner
Throke, Alexander56374 mo. 19 daysOrders & ShippingForeman
Tilley, Arch37159 mo. 19 daysOrders & ShippingCutter Helper
Tilley, Clarence55418 mo. 7 daysNot Placed
Tilley, Frank40175 mo. 13 daysOrders & ShippingLabel Man
Tilley, Fred46333 mo. 0 daysMachine Room3rd Hand
Tilley, Nelson3392 mo. 6 daysYard & RailwayLabourer
Tilley, Roland5021 mo. 27 daysMachine RoomMachine Tender
Tilley, Roland2464 mo. 9 days Issue Clerk
Tobin, Gordon2349 mo. 23 daysMachine RoomRelief 5th Hand
Tobin, Michael59444 mo. 15 daysSteam PlantHeat & Vent.
Trask, Allan51332 mo. 15 daysGroundwoodForeman
Trask, Ralph2970 mo.4 daysSulphite MillBurnerman
Tremblett, John27105 mo. 28 daysOrders & ShippingFinisher’s Helper
Tremblett, Joseph P.52401 mo. 19 daysOrders & ShippingFinisher
Tremblett, Joseph, Sr.3091 mo. 19 daysOrders & ShippingCutter Helper
Tremblett, William28109 mo. 6 daysSulphite MillHydro Pulper
Tremblett, William55303 mo. 21 daysSteam PlantHeat & Vent.
Tubrett, Cyril51375 mo. 0 daysYard & RailwayLabourer
Tulk, Robert59335 mo. 15 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Tulk, Ronald31145 mo. 20 daysOrders & ShippingSling Man
Turpin, Thomas37175 mo. 9 daysSulphite MillFlat Screens
Verge, Thomas52204 mo. 7 daysYard & RailwayLabourer
Wall, Gerard45275 mo. 16 daysSalvageSalvage Man
Wall, Gordon43343 mo. 23 daysMachine Room3rd Hand
Wall, Gregory35181 mo. 7 daysMachine Room5th Hand
Wall, James C.30136 mo. 13 daysOrders & ShippingInspector
Wall, James J.57424 mo. 25 daysOilingP. Mill Oiler
Wall, John42254 mo. 7 daysOilingP. Mill Oiler
Wall, John J.30144 mo. 24 daysSteam Plant MillwrightClass A. Helper
Wall, Joseph27100 mo. 8 daysMechanical LabourersLabourer
Wall, Maurice26101 mo. 17 daysMachine Room5th Hand
Wall, Patrick3340 mo. 7 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass A Helper
Wall, Patrick J.2021 mo. 6 daysMachine Room6th Hand
Walsh, Anthony3484 mo. 15 daysWood Prep.Crane Operator`
Walsh, Bart36184 mo. 8 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass B Mason
Walsh, Dominic30112 mo. 18 daysOilingCen. Oiler
Walsh, Dominic30127 mo. 13 daysYard & RailwayLabourer
Walsh, Frank56367 mo. O daysWelding Shop2nd Hand
Walsh, John C.62423 mo. 23 daysMixing RoomBeaterman
Walsh, Joseph66409 mo 21 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Walsh, Lawrence L.33151 mo. 25 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Waugh, James58367 mo. 15 daysNot Placed
Way, Allan27110 mo. 23 daysOrders & ShippingFinisher’s Helper
Way, Elias61442 mo. 0 daysMachine RoomRewinder Operator
Way, Fred31137 mo. 31 daysOrders & ShippingFinisher’s Helper
Way, Melrose46336 mo. 12 daysMachine Room3rd Hand
Way, Robert42294 mo. 15 daysMachine RoomRewinder Operator
Way, Roy29118 mo. 12 daysOrders & ShippingFinisher’s Helper
Way, William35183 mo. 19 daysControlQuality Tester
Waye, John E.39135 mo. 0 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass A Helper
Wells, Neal3474 mo. 7 daysMachine ShopClass A. Helper
Wells, Winfield62373 mo. 0 daysMixing RoomBeaterman
Whiffin, Ambrose4566 mo. 11 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Whiffin, Peter44241 mo. 15 daysWood Prep.Chip Loft
White, Alexander58421 mo. 5 daysGroundwoodSpare Man Cleaning
White, Dominic42210 mo. 18 daysSulphite MillLimestone Man
White, Ernest54349 mo. 0 daysGroundwoodFeeder
White, Frank48170 mo. 0 daysOrders & ShippingLoader
White, George58254 mo. 15 daysGroundwoodFeeder
White, John T.57367 mo. 12 daysGroundwoodFeeder
White, Ralph43111 mo. 6 daysRailway SectionSectionman
White, Raymond31128 mo. 29 daysClothingClothing Man
Wicks, George34166 mo. 13 daysClothingClothing Man
Wicks, Lorenzo3178 mo. 16 daysGroundwood MillwrightClass A Helper
Wilkenson, Ken43281 mo. 0 daysMachine ShopRoll Grinder Opr.
Willar, Malcolm48351 mo. 0 daysElectrical ShopTurbo Room Op.
Winslow, George J.60340 mo. 12 daysElectrical ShopHarland Drive Operator
Winslow, George P. Jr.34187 mo. 6 daysElectrical ShopRelief Turbo Operator
Winslow, James2570 mo. 28 daysControlStock Tester
Woodford, Solomon43128 mo. 0 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Woodman, Guy2576 mo. 10 days Issue Clerk
Young, Reginald3167 mo. 23 days Issue Clerk
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