1953 Millworkers – Surnames I to N

Transcribed by Marie Cook, 2004

Ireland, Ernest57453 mo. 12 daysMachine ShopClass A Machinist
Ireland, George49349 mo, 20 daysMachine RoomBack Tender
Ireland, William2561 mo. 3 daysOrders & ShippingFinisherâ.s Helper
Irish, Leslie36166 mo. 16 daysClothingSub-Foreman
Ivany, Fred.29142 mo. 17 daysOrders & ShippingCutter Helper
Ivany, Gordon3955 mo. 0 days Shed Issue Clerk
Ivany, Herbert54388 mo. 0 daysWood Handling MillwrightClass A millwright
Ivany, Howard2661 mo. 7 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass A Helper
Jackman, Arthur3781 mo. 26 daysMachine ShopClass B. Machanic
Jackman, Cecil3227 mo. 4 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass A Helper
Jackman, Frank53440 mo. 1 dayMachine RoomMachine Tender
Jackman, George40222 mo. 0 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Jackman, George A.3664 mo. 3 daysPattern Maker& CarpentryClass A Helper
Jackman, Kevin29113 mo. 23 daysSulphite MillwrightClass A Helper
Janes, Clifford32124 mo. 18 daysMechanical LabourersLabourer
Janes, Herbert46137 mo. 24 daysOrders & ShippingLoader
Janes, Stephen34192 mo. 14 daysElectrical ShopGenerating Room Operator
Janes, Wallace J.30101 mo. 13 daysMachine ShopClass B. Machanic
Janes, William57423 mo. 26 daysMachine RoomMachine Tender
Janes, William56390 mo. 10 daysMachine ShopClass A Machinist
Jenkins, James48102 mo. 12 daysSulphite MillBeaterman
Jenkins, Obediah35172 mo. 4 daysOrders & ShippingFinisher
Jesseau, Jerry5254 mo. 4 daysCleaningRelief Watchman
Jesseau, Pius39165 mo. 0 daysGroundwood MillwrightClass A Millwright
Jesseau, Urban41213 mo. 5 daysSulphite MillwrightWorking Foreman
Jewer, Douglas35180 mo. 5 daysOrders & ShippingPileman
John, Peter52421 mo. 7 daysWrapper& Sulphite, # 8Machine Tender
Judge, Edward2576 mo. 0 daysWrapper& Sulphite4th Hand
Judge, Joseph58463 mo. 15 daysGroundwoodForeman
Kane, Patrick49313 mo. 0 daysYard & RailwaySub-Foreman
Kane, William39173 mo. 4 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Keats, Joseph3198 mo. 1 dayCleaningCleaner
Kehoe, Michael45234mo. 15 daysClothingClothing Man
Keilly, Dominic57370 mo. 0 daysClothingCleaner #8
Kelly, Arthur31131 mo. 7 days Issue Clerk
Kelly, Bryan30123 mo. 0 daysSteam PlantBoiler Cleaner
Kelly, Douglas31152 mo. 6 daysOrders & ShippingInspector
Kelly, John46376 mo. 14 daysYard & RailwayLocomotive Engineer
Kelly, John J.37188 mo. 24 daysGroundwoodDecker Man
Kelly, Lewis36207 mo. 6 daysPipe ShopClass A Pipefitter
Kelly, Maurice2566 mo. 23 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Kelly, Michael31148 mo. 18 daysWelding ShopClass A Welder
Kelly, Raymond29211 mo. 25 daysMixing RoomColorman
Kelly, Richard35161 mo. 25 daysMachine Room5th Hand
Kennedy, Lawrence52425 mo. 20 daysWrapper& Sulphite, # 8Machine Tender
King, Alfred37155 mo. 2 daysWood Prep.Crane Operator
King, Arthur36192 mo. 27 daysControlQuality Tester
King, Frank41269 mo. 14 daysMachine Room4th Hand
King, Garfield50413 mo. 3 daysMachine RoomBack Tender
King, Harry2571 mo. 8 daysWood Handling MillwrightClass A Helper
King, James2458 mo. 6 daysSteam PlantBoiler Cleaner
King, Otto31145 mo. 19 daysOrders & ShippingFinisher
King, Samuel61409 mo. 0 daysSulphite Mill1st Helper
King, Willie2120 mo. 20 daysMachine Room6th Hand
Knight, Augustus45161 mo. 24 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass B. Millwright
Knight, Errol44160,mo. 23 daysTownCarpenter, 2nd Hand
Knight, Stephen, Sr.64218 mo. 27 daysOrders & ShippingCutter Operator
Knight, William34114 mo. 4 daysMixing RoomRelief Man
Lacey, Graham2029 mo. 10 daysMachine Room6th Hand
Lacey, William44344 mo. 2 daysMachine Room3rd Hand
Laing, Thomas35156 mo. 15 daysOrders & ShippingBand Saw Operator
Lane, Douglas32165 mo. 4 days?Forebay & Oiling
Lane, Gerald2698 mo. 26 daysMachine Room5th Hand
Lane, John44225 mo. 0 daysElectrical ShopTurbo Room Op.
Lane, John C.43216 mo. 7 daysSulphite MillRelief Acid Maker
Lane, Joseph F.41183 mo. 14 daysOrders & ShippingCrane Operator
Lane, Lloyd32158 mo. 23 daysPipe ShopClass B. Pipefitter
Lane, Maxwell46343 mo. 13 daysMachine Room3rd Hand
Lane, Reginald28111 mo. 4 daysSulphite MillBlow Pit Man
Lane, Roy V.37216 mo. 28 daysTownClass A Plumber
Lane, Sidney25101 mo. 20 daysMachine RoomRelief 5th Hand
Lannon, William J.37224 mo. 6 daysElectrical Mainten.Armature Winder
LeDrew, Allister3060 mo. 11 days?Forebay & Oiling
LeDrew, Thomas39189 mo. 19 daysGroundwood MillwrightClass A Millwright
LeFresne, John41166 mo. 19 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass B. Millwright
Legge, Harry (B.F.)??Welding ShopClass A Welder
LeMoine, Arthur43305 mo. 12 daysTin ShopClass A Tinsmith
LeMoine, Frank46390 mo. 0 daysMachine RoomRewinder Operator
LeMoine, Sanford30151mo. 25 daysMachine Room5th Hand
Leonard, Douglas60378 mo. 9 daysYard & RailwayLabourer
Leonard, Wm.59160 mo. 12 days?Soft Drink Dispenser
Lewis, George46271 mo. 6 daysOrders & ShippingChecker
Lewis, Harold3377 mo. 1 dayOilingP. Mill Oiler
Lewis, Norman43306 mo. 16 daysElectrical Mainten.Class A Electrician
Lewis, Walter2698 mo. 1 dayMachine RoomRelief 5th Hand
Lindahl, Gordon2786 mo. 5 daysMachine ShopClass B. Machanic
Lindahl, John2028 mo. 9 daysElectrical Mainten.Electrician Helper
Little, Clarence31158 mo. 1 dayOrders & ShippingFinisher
Little, Harry40220 mo. 15 daysOrders & ShippingTrucker
Little, Leonard37204 mo. 6 daysMixing RoomBeaterman
Locke, Donald45206 mo. 10 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass B. Millwright
Locke, Ernest43326 mo. 0 daysPaper Mill MillwrightClass A Millwright
Locke, Malcolm30148 mo. 1 dayElectrical Mainten.Class B.Electrician
Lopez, Lindo33118 mo. 0 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Loveridge, Cecil49363 mo. 28 daysOrders & ShippingFinisher
Loveridge, Gordon51288 mo. 11 daysOrders & ShippingInspector
Loveridge, Melvin31101 mo. 19 daysOrders & ShippingCutter Helper
Ludlow, Herbert42224 mo. 8 daysTownPlumber, Leading Hand
Ludlow, J.37192 mo. 12 daysMechanical LabourersLabourer
Ludlow, James36143 mo. 16 daysTownClass B Plumber
Lush, Richard53217 mo. 25 daysCleaningCleaner
Luther, Edwin56236 mo. 3 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass A Millwright
Lynch, Andrew64337 mo. 4 daysOrders & ShippingCleaner
Lynch, Patrick51356 mo. 25 daysOrders & ShippingFinisher
MacKenzie, Hector36221 mo. 7 daysMachine ShopClass A Machinist
Mackey, Gerald51311 mo. 23 daysGroundwoodUtility Man
Mackey. Thomas54384 mo. 8 daysGroundwoodGrinderman
Maddox, James3180 mo. 29 daysWrapper& Sulphite4th Hand
Maddox, Leo58399 mo. 6 daysWrapper& Sulphite, # 8Back Tender
Maddox, Michael2985 mo. 28 daysControl#8 Tester
Maher, William43232 mo. 0 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Maidment, Gordon28114 mo. 4 daysOrders & ShippingCutter Helper
Maidment, William J.64438 mo. 0 daysOrders & ShippingInspector
Maloney, Edward62250 mo. 0 daysWood Prep.Chipper Feed
Maloney, Michael54424 mo. 18 daysWood Prep.Wood Pile
Marsh, Edward50330 mo. 21 daysMachine Room3rd Hand
Marsh, Solomon59134 mo. 10 daysMixing RoomBeaterman
Martin, E. Jas.40246 mo. 26 daysOrders & ShippingTrucker
Martin, James58198 mo. 22 daysNot Placed
Matthews, Gerald33178 mo. 9 daysTin ShopClass A Tinsmith
McCormack, Cyril46346 mo. 19 daysMachine Room3rd Hand
McCormack, John51394 mo. 20 daysMachine RoomMachine Tender
McDonald, Chas.37205 mo. 17 daysMachine ShopRoll Grinder Opr.
McDonald, J.61339 mo. 0 daysSteam PlantK. ? Operator
McDonald, James, Sr.61484 mo. 8 daysNot Placed
McDonald, Michael2570 mo. 25 daysSulphite MillRelief Man
McDonald, William27113 mo. 7 daysMachine RoomRelief 5th Hand
McHugh, Thomas2886 mo. 13 daysElectrical ShopRelief Gen. Room Op.
McLoughlin, Ronald2240 mo. 0 daysElectrical ShopReliefWheelman&Motorman
McNamara, Dan49162 mo. 22 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass A Rigger
Mercer, Austin50410 mo. 17 daysMachine RoomBack Tender
Mercer, Bruce2138 mo. 20 daysElectrical Mainten.Electrician Helper
Mercer, Donald43312 mo. 0 daysGroundwood MillwrightClass A Millwright
Mercer, Elijah61502 mo. 20 daysSulphite MillCook
Mercer, George36207 mo. 0 daysMachine Room4th Hand
Mercer, Harry2023 mo. 20 daysMachine Room6th Hand
Mercer, James61451 mo. 28 daysOrders & ShippingLabourer
Mercer, Victor57391 mo. 0 daysGroundwood2nd Hand
Miller, Frank46209 mo. 15 daysOrders & ShippingLoader
Miller, Leonard3593 mo. 5 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Molloy, Joseph48304 mo. 24 daysOrders & ShippingInspector
Moore, Clifford4888 mo. 21 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass B. Millwright
Moore, Eric44335 mo. 15 daysMachine Room3rd Hand
Moore, Terrence2026 mo. 8 daysMachine RoomRelief 5th Hand
Moores, Wm. P.43192 mo. 5 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass A. Millwright
Morgan, Raymond34200 mo. 8 daysSteam PlantElect. ?. Operator
Morris, James32142 mo. 25 daysWelding ShopClass A Welder
Morris, William37177 mo. 23 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass B Rigger
Moss, Ethelbert60477 mo. 15 daysGroundwood MillScreen Room Foreman
Moss, Howard34182 mo. 25 daysElectrical Mainten.Class B. Electrician
Moss, Jack43262 mo. 6 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass A. Millwright
Moss, Moses57347 mo. 0 daysSulphite MillAcid Maker
Mullins, Matthew61462 mo. 0 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Mullowney, Philip59416 mo. 22 daysMachine RoomMachine Tender
Mulrooney, Alphonsus49358 mo. 15 daysYard & RailwayLocomotive Engineer
Mulrooney, Frank2962 mo. 15 daysGroundwoodFeeder
Mulrooney, Joseph53225 mo. 25 daysYard & RailwaySub-Foreman
Mulrooney, Stephen56257 mo. 0 daysWood Prep.Chipper Man
Murphy, Dominic2697 mo. 5 daysControl# 8 Tester
Murphy, John55351 mo, 23 daysClothingClothing Man
Murphy, Mich. F.29130 mo. 2 daysOrders & ShippingPileman
Murphy, Michael33183 mo. 9 daysWelding ShopClass A Welder
Murphy, Thomas J.34151 mo. 28 daysMachine RoomRelief 5th Hand
Murray, John, Jr.2683 mo. 4 daysMachine RoomRelief 5th Hand
Murray, Joseph61399 mo. 20 daysGroundwoodForeman
Murray, Patrick46179 mo. 0 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass A. Millwright
Murray, Walter45140 mo. 0 daysGeneral Mill MillwrightsClass B. Millwright
Murray, William64332 mo. 0 daysWood Handling MillwrightClass A Millwright
Newhook, William44208 mo. 18 daysElectrical ShopWheelman
Nicholas, Frank2968 mo. 15 daysPipe ShopClass A Helper
Noble, Frank2794 mo. 13 daysOrders & ShippingMarker
Noble, Fred2585 mo. 0 daysOrders & ShippingLabourer
Noftall, Gordon3660 mo. 17 daysMachine RoomRelief 5th Hand
Noftall, Heber48141 mo. 24 daysOrders & ShippingCleaner
Noftall, Roy3276 mo. 28 daysOrders & ShippingTransferman
Norman, Malcolm40199 mo. 0 daysWood Prep.Crane Operator
Noseworthy, George38226 mo. 27 daysNot Placed
Noseworthy, Richard C.33108 mo. 0 daysWood. Prep.Wood Pile
Noseworthy, William65460 mo. 25 daysWatching, CleaningWatchman
Nugent, William57440 mo. 0 daysElectrical MaintenceCharge Hand
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