Welcome! We are a non-profit organization operated by volunteers. Our purpose is to promote interest in genealogy by helping visitors conduct research on their ancestry and explore their family history.

Available at the Centre are records for the Central Region of our province – Census Records, family trees, cemeteries, headstones, obituaries, school yearbooks, old telephone directories, genealogy information binders, surname tidbits binders from A to Z and many other resources at your fingertips!!!

Most of our paper documents are for Newfoundland and Labrador but we do have some information for our neighbouring provinces. Our Ships List binders, Last Will and Testaments binders are our documents connecting us back to the United Kingdom.

Why Create a Family Tree?

Your Family Tree is the most interesting and reliable source of information about yourself. Through it you can learn not only where you came from, but from WHOM you came. Tracing your lineage allows you to discover common traits between your ancestors and yourself.

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